Nowe informacje o TDM

Po długiej przerwie mam parę nowych informacji, nie tylko o filmie.

W tej chwili film jest na dobrej drodze i według planów produkcja ruszy na początku przyszłego roku, a dokładnie marzec, początek kwietnia. Plan filmowy będzie gdzieś w okolicach Atlanty.


TDM usunęty rozdział: A Letter That Never Arrived

Because of the way I revise, constantly repurposing lines and condensing scenes into one another, I don't generally have true deleted scenes that were just simply snipped out. So you'll see echoes of moments that are in the final story, perhaps just in different places in the narrative. You'll also see threads, ideas, and characters I just decided to cut.

Originally, in the first few drafts of the book, the letter subplot carried much more weight. Liam, Zu, and Chubs were cruising around delivering them and only sort of looking for East River. While I love that this part of the story demonstrates how genuinely good, innocent, and decent they are, it wasn't thrusting the story forward the way it should have.

In these scenes you'll see their attempt to deliver one such letter foiled by an unlikely person, and you'll see a good example of the repurposing I mentioned above in how Ruby reveals her abilities. Enjoy, and please don't share with people not subscribed to the newsletter--I'd like to keep this as an exclusive reward. Thank you!  (Oh, and please also note that this obviously isn't copyedited!!)

These scenes are set after the chapters in Walmart and the moment where Ruby accidentally slips into Liam's mind when he gets out of the car for a breather. It takes the place of the scene at the rest stop when they're attacked by Lady Jane.